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    17 " TFT LCD, explain to lead 1280 ×s 1024, bright degree 300 cds|㎡
    ★  Breadth angle of view, LED back light as long as 50000 hours work life span

    ★  Support VGA|DVI|AV various signal importations

    ★  The precise electric resistance type touch holds and support COM and USB communication's connecting

    The whole Ban gold box body structure, the open type roars a gearing
    ★  The direct current 12 V power importation, marks to go together with AC220 Vs to turn the DC12 V the power proper go together with a machine

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    • Specifications
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    The IPM-O series is open type super thin type flat panel display, can choose the LCD monitor, 50000 hours of 5.6"arrive 55" various sizeses, longevity life LED back light, support various signal importations connecting a , including VGA and Video, the special need can increase DVI to connect;Front|the behind plank OSD control a key help the customer aim at dissimilarity of applied environment, show a LCD that the screen adjusts the best status;Support the direct current 12 Vs or the AC220 V the power importation, the special need supports the direct current 6~30 V breadth electric voltage importation, the power connects a tightly solid type of a people's adoption Phoenix port, prevent°from using process to like outside shed off;The touch screen adoption heat five line electric resistance type and Gao accuracy four line electric resistance type, have an intelligent degree Gao, dust palliative, watertightness, defend greasy dirt and take gloves may also operate as usual of advantage, the touch screen vivid choice string, USB port and host carry on communication.
    The IPM-O series supports the front-panel open type gearing, needing to button up the top plank nut Ning tightly can immediately complete, and gearing and maintenance are very simple;Eradicate completely gearing to get into a host and influence equipments movement because of drop of water and water steam splashing on the scene while controling a cabinet;Is high strength the whole Ban gold box body structure, make it able to adapt to industry the bad work environment is on the scene and be applicable to self-help terminal and game Bo colourful, factory automation, machine manufacturing, number control an equipments and spin and weave equipments, communication network, electric power, and transportation...etc. industrial situation.
    IPM-O series and permit Win7, Win8 and Windows?XP and Windows?XP Embedded and Windows?2000, Windows?98, Windows?The CE essential operate systems, such as Embedded and Linux...etc. are with built-in operate system.

    Machine body structure
    Material:Whole steel type box body structure
    Gearing:The open type front-panel machine roars gearing
    Switch and designation:The behind plank switch, indicator and OSD regulate a key
    The signal inputs:Support VGA|VEDIO various signal importations
    The touch holds communication to connect:RS232, USB port(can choose)
    Fuselage color:Silvery paint(thin sand line, second light)
    Total size:410 ×s 332 ×s 60 mmses(breadth × Gao × Shen)
    Box body size:392 ×s 309.2 ×s 30 mmses(breadth × Gao × Shen)
    Open bore size:395 ×s 312.2 mmses(breadth × Gao)
    The power

    The power:The direct current 12 V electric voltage importation, can choose to go together with a 220 vacs to turn a 12 VDC the power proper the breadth going together with machine or 9-36 V press an importation
    LCD monitor
    Size|type:17 " XGA TFT LCD
    Explain a rate:1280 ×s 1024

    The biggest color:16M
    Show area:337.92 ×s 270.34 mms
    Respond time:16ms
    Carry on the back light:LED
    Carry on the back light MTBF:50,000 hour
    Bright degree:300cd|m2
    Contrast degree:1000:1
    Point:0.297 ×s 0.297
    Can angle of view:(H)160|(V)180
    The touch holds
    Size|type:17 " heats five lines imitate an electric resistance type
    Resolution:4096 x 4096
    The touch responds to time:<5ms
    Surface degree of hardness:3H
    Click life span:250 strength for gram, 35,000,000 times
    The pen rows life span:250 strength for gram, 5,000,000 times
    Deeply the light leads:Above 85%
    Environment parameter
    Work temperature:-20~70 ℃
    Saving temperature:-20~80 ℃
    Opposite temperature:10~95%@40 ℃ (have no coagulation)
    Vibrate:50~500 Hzs, 1.5 Gs, the 0.15 mm Feng Feng is worth
    Impact:10 Gs|peak(11 ms sec)

    OTs IPM-170OT-C:17"TFT LCD|the resolution 1280 xes is 1024| VGAs|electric resistance type the touch hold|the COM communication connect
    OTs IPM-170OT-U:17"TFT LCD|the resolution 1280 xes is 1024| VGAs|electric resistance type the touch hold|the USB communication connect

    Os IPM-170O:17"TFT LCD|the resolution 1280 xes is 1024| VGAs|the steel turn glass

    Os IPM-170O-AV:17"TFT LCD|the resolution 1280 xes is 1024| VGAs||Vedio|the steel turn glass

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